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Menorah Kosher events and facilities
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Menorah Kosher


We are a consulting agency that helps hotels and other properties
clearly identify revenue opportunities, with a focus on being your
liaison to the Jewish community regarding kosher and other religious


We work with hotels to ensure they are properly marketing their
property to Jewish clientele, and we help operators satisfy clients by
identifying all Jewish needs and ensuring the highest quality
experience and kosher certifications.


We will also handle all questions and concerns your clientele have about Jewish concerns, and we can provide the highest level of concierge service to meet their needs, as well as answering
your questions regarding Jewish religious practices, customs, and preferences.

Who We Are

Chavi Heber

Chavi was born and raised in Miami Beach, the daughter of prominent
community rabbi and rebbetzin. She is well known throughout the Jewish
world for the many events she has spearheaded, including annual Matzah
Balls, Passover parties, singles events, and the annual Passover
festival at Jungle Island, which brings thousands of Jews to that
location for the Kosher for Passover food and the activities tailored
to the needs and wants of the community. Chavi is also a yoga teacher
and a matchmaker. If you are interested in persuading the Jewish
community to choose your facilities, or need help providing kosher
food and other services for your current Jewish clientele, Chavi
should be your number one choice.

Rabbi Joshua Kunis

Rabbi Kunis is the community outreach director for Menorah Kosher,
with an emphasis on marketing hotels that cater to the Jewish
experience. Currently the Rabbi of the local community day school in
Miami Beach, Rabbi Kunis ensures that our hotel clients are properly
serving the community with items such as prayer services, study halls,
tea rooms, and the highest standards of kosher supervision.

Rabbi Howard Seif

All Menorah K events are under the strict Orthodox Kashrut supervision of Rabbi Howard Seif. Rabbi Seif received his semicha from Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois. Rabbi Seif has previously worked for many of the top kashrut organizations. He currently provides the hashchaga (kosher supervisions) to dozens of products including Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning, Pop’s Corn, Spice World, FUELSLIM FIT DRINK, FUELSLIM + FAT BURNER, and FUELSTRIP PRE-WORKOUT


Highest quality experience and kosher certifications.

All caterers, restaurants, or other food providers used by Menorah Kosher in South Florida are under the kosher supervision of KM

To Whom It May Concern,
This is to certify that all caterers, restaurants, or other food providers used by Menorah Kosher must have up-to-date kashrut certificates (teudot) from only the most trusted Orthodox kashrut organizations. I personally vague for the strictest level of kashruth at all Menorah Kosher events and facilities.

Rabbi Howard Seif.

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Kosher Dinners


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    Menorah Kosher will handle all questions and concerns your clientele have about Jewish concerns.

      We always try to reply as soon as possible.